When is The Best Time to Move?

Best Time to Move

Moving is a hectic job, and without prior planning, the process can become far much tedious. The activities you have to undertake before you start driving off range from decluttering, packing, labeling, getting insurance, and looking for a new house wherever you will be going. Whether you are moving across the street or a thousand miles away, the hassle is more or less the same. But when is the right time to conduct this activity? While the timing might seem insignificant, it plays a massive role in determining if the move will be successful in terms of conveniences and finances. The job is costly, and little saving by making better decisions can go a long away. So, there is no answer to that question. The choice depends on a couple of factors. Before embarking on this journey, draft a budget and have an in-depth understanding of your needs. They will make the decision-making process shorter. Read on this detailed guide from Modesty Moving.


The week has seven days, but all of them come with different types of pressures. Monday might seem hectic as most people still appear confused about the festivities of the weekend. Weekends, on the other hand, are free, and so is everyone. It means most people will doing similar activities these days, precisely Saturday. When the week begins, most people go back to work, and thus, moving companies get lesser clients. It should be an ideal moment. Pick a day from Tuesday to Friday. The minimal demand gives you an upper hand to negotiate for better prices. Also, it means you have more days to unpack once arriving at your destination. Weekends are unsuitable as most people prefer to move due to the free time from other engagements.


A day has 24 hours, and you can pick any of them to move. However, there are timings that you should not even think about contracting a moving company. Whether you are doing it yourself or outsourcing the services, you should be out by 8 am. The period is ideal as you can get to the destination before the temperatures increase. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable the entire time. By the time you arrive, you won’t have the energy to lift a finger. Early birds can attest to the advantage of moving early. By around 10 am, you can beat traffic and focus much by driving comfortably all through. However, to make this possible, you have to ensure that everything is ready the previous night. A delay of one hour can make a big difference. Go to sleep prepared.


Choosing the perfect season to move is the hardest of decisions since each comes with pros and cons. The fall is like an offseason for almost everything. It comes with fair pricing for both goods and services. The weather is exceptional as well hence minimal sweating and discomfort. If you want to save on moving costs, then it is the ideal timing for you. Moving companies get fewer clients during this period, thus lowering prices to attract clients. Winter, on the other hand, comes with harsh weather conditions. Who would want to cove during this period? No one, and that why it should be you go to season. It is during this season that the prices go even much lower. The demand drastically reduces to a level where businesses get no customers. Why not take advantage of the situation and achieve your goal. However, it would help if you prepared sufficiently to avoid last-minute rushes. Everybody loves summertime. If you ask anyone, it is their best season regarding the weather.

People get to go to the beaches as schools close, and children spend time engaging in fun activities. However, the period comes with its packs. Due to the availability of time, most people prefer to move during this season. Mostly for parents with school-going children. If the case is similar to you, then you can join the bandwagon. However, expect to pay more since companies experience an influx of clients. In other instances, you can fail to get the service as companies become fully booked. Ensure to sign the contract earlier to eliminate any chance of disappointments. If you are planning to sell your old house, this is the best period as well. The demand is high for everything. Spring is another fantastic season, and the weather becomes less harsh. Also, the need for moving services takes time to increase, making it more economical.


A considerable amount of moves occur during spring and summer. During this period, the rates are high, forcing you to go overboard on your budget. The reason behind this is that parents do not want to interfere with school calendars. Also, most lease contracts start and end at this time. Therefore there is a ton of movements by college students, entrepreneurs, and families. If you want to make the best of your budget, then choose a period between the end of September and April. The demand will reduce drastically, making it a bit cheaper. September 1st is renowned as the moving day. If you take a risk, you will regret it. Towns are always full of traffic, and you can get caught up for hours.


Nevertheless, other factors like medical conditions, work agreements, financial capabilities, and urgency will influence your decision. Not everyone gets the opportunity to work on the ideal date and time. However, with proper prior planning, you can make the best of your move. Ensure you choose a reputable company with sufficient experience.

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